Cocktail bites

Cocktail bites à 5,00 €

We recommend to have 3–5 cocktail bites / person


Salmon pastrami and wasabi with traditional Finnish archipelago bread (L, *) 
’Skagen’- Shrimps from Arctic Ocean, lemon, horseradish and vendace roe (L, *)  
Grilled, lime and ginger marinated scampi (L, G)  
 Fresh oyster ‘Bloody Mary’ (M, G) 


Classic beef tartare (L, G)  
Beef tataki, shiso leaf and sesame mayonnaise (M, G) 
Grilled duck supreme, chanterelles and roasted potato    


Tomato, mozzarella di bufala and basil (L, G)  
Olive bruschetta with feta cheese (L, *)  
Beetroot tartlet and horseradish (M, V, G) 


Selection of macaron pastry (VL, G)   
Chocolate pastry  (L, G)   
Banana cake and coconut cream (V, M, G) 

L = lactose free
VL = low lactose
M = dairy free
G = gluten free
V = vegan
* = available also gluten free