Above all, the food philosophy of the restaurant is based on first-class, northern ingredients. You can sense many influences from the classic continental and Scandinavian tradition on our menu, but we are not afraid to also utilize the spirits of the world’s ethnic cuisines. In our opinion, the crustaceans of the oceans get well along with whitefish from Lake Inari, and the use of the Herrankunta farm’s eastern Finnish cattle does not quarrel with Calabrian ‘nduja salami. At the heart of everything are the raw materials and the taste. We consider our cooking methods to be modern, simple, and ones that emphasize the essentials.

The “code” of our restaurant does not oblige You to anything. You are welcome to join us for a drink with a small snack, or spend the whole evening picking just the right portions for You from our list. Share or enjoy alone, it’s all up to You!

For larger groups, we have designed a wide range of food and beverage packages, where You will find a suitable alternative of Your own choice. We are also ready to design customized solutions to serve Your needs.

The taste of the mocktails on our drink list also spring from the northern nature, with a modern twist, of course. Otherwise, our drink list is based on timeless classics, to which we have added a little creativity and love for the sport. The variable seasonal beers tint the selection of our brewery products according to the season and trends.

Our wine selection suitably represents both the old and the new continent. The wines are all responsibly produced and of high nature. Our list is created with focus on the quality and taste, while also following the principle of reasonable pricing. From our ever-growing “cellar list,” you might spot real gems for special moments.

In the moment of hesitation, You can always provide “guidelines” or ask for a recommendation. Our staff is here for You and it is an honor for us to have Your wishes fulfilled, accompanied by a smooth and cordial service.