Buffet menus

Buffet 1  “continental”


Smoked salmon with vendace roe sauce (L, G) 
Classic cocktail of hand peeled Arctic Ocen´s shrimps (L, G) 
House´s paté with cherry compote (L, G)
Roasted duck breast (L, G)
Salad of spelt wheat, fennel and feta cheese (L) 
Tomatoe, mozzarella and basil (VL,G) 
Fresh green salad with Dijon dressing (V, G)
House bread with butter and avocado spread (L) 

Main courses

Slow cooked and chacoal grilled beef neck ’Burgundy’ (L, G)
– roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables

and / or

Grilled arctic char with lobster sauce (L, G)
-potatoe and vegetable ’sauté’ 


Chocolate and cherry cake in a glass (L)

with one main course  €55
with two main courses €65

Buffet 2 “Salade”


Green salad, raspberry vinaigrette and roasted nuts (L, G) 
Salad of roasted champignons, green beans, feta cheese and quinoa (L, G) 
Shrimp salad ’classic cocktail’ (L, G)
Salad of smoked salmon and roasted potatoes (L)
Caesar salad naturel (L)
– Grilled chicken breast + €5 
– Shrimps from Arctic Ocean + €5
House bread with butter and avocado spread (L)


Blueberry pie with vanilla créme (L)

Buffet 38 €